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Leading training professionals from around the world, athletes, and exercise scientists are the core personnel dedicated to the research and development of F45 Training workouts. Our team is tirelessly investigating the leading ideas and philosophies within the exercise science community.

Modern and developing training concepts are explored and researched by our team. Trial workouts are formulated and tested. Results are documented. Revisions are made. New workouts are launched once they’ve been honed by our developers and our members reap the benefits of our laborious fitness investigations.

F45 Training is constantly working to refine the workout experience for our members. We will continue to provide them with an innovative and invigorating workout experience. The product that is an F45 Training workout is unrivaled in the global fitness industry in terms of its development and effectiveness.

Program Development by Training Professionals and Researchers

Workouts are the product of Research, Testing and Refinement


F45 Workouts are groomed for excellence