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F45 TV


F45 TV is the visual and operational component to the F45 Training experience. It is our Smartphone / Tablet App technology used to conduct F45 workouts. The F45 TV App controls a series of HD TVs mounted in the front of our studios. The TVs offer an organized, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. Each individual TV operates as part of an integrated demonstration system for the workout. For each numbered Exercise Station in any of our daily workouts, there is a corresponding on-screen section featuring a looped video of the exercise being performed by one of our training professionals. This system is a highly effective visual relay tool for our clients to usher themselves through the workout with the aid of our F45 Training Instructors.

F45 TV also incorporates no less than 3 other HD TVs providing a weekly scheduling calendar, upcoming franchise-specific bulletins, events and F45 Training News.

Additionally, one or more TVs is dedicated to F45 LIONHEART activity; our in-house client heart rate monitor technology.


Workout Exercise Station Diagrams

Franchise Location Weekly Event / Workout Calendar

F45 Training HQ News

LIONHEART Heart Rate Monitoring Technology