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Project Green Light


It is our goal to streamline your studio opening and make it as simple as possible. The are many aspects to starting a business and a lot of steps that need to be made to open your studio and whilst this may seem a large task we have developed a brand new system that guides you through each and every step. We call this Project Greenlight. Project greenlight lives inside the Launch pathway on the F45 Playbook.

Project Greenlight is a simple traffic light system that walks you through each step turning items from red to orange and finally green. You will work on each item until you have turned it green which symbolizes completion and one step closer to opening. Once you have turned all the lights green you will be fully prepared and ready to open your studio with confidence. As a new franchisee this simple interface allows you to see where you are in the process at any given point showing what items you should be working on.

With the project greenlight and launch pathway, the added power to these systems is the guided instructional videos that will walk you through each item giving concise instructions on what you must do to turn it green or keep your focus on to hit your target opening date with precision. We believe a clear goal tracking system is the best way to prepare you for a successful opening.


No prior knowledge necessary

Step by step opening system

Video walk throughs at every stage