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New franchisees are required to make a visitation to one of our Flagship F45 Training locations. Depending on where your future franchise is located, a visit and subsequent multiple-day workshop will be provided to your ownership team and staff.

This Induction Workshop will offer guidance and instruction on all aspects of running an F45 Training franchise. Induction offers “Hands-On” opportunities for our franchisees (and Training Staff who choose to visit) to set up the daily workouts, operate the business software, learn the basics and intricacies of actually leading our workouts, engage in sales discussions and more!

These Flagship franchises are well-oiled machines functioning at maximum efficiency. Who better to learn from than those who have walked the ownership path and emerged to be some of the best franchises in operation?

Franchisees and intended Training Staff are welcome. Knowledge is power.

On-Location Franchise Training

Workout Instruction, Business Training, Management Training

Learn from those doing it best.