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The Health and Fitness Industry is an immense, thriving, multi-billion dollar industry. Estimates for the United States of America alone total to around $25 – $30 billion annually. Behind this growth over the past few decades is the awakening of humanity to the value of an active, nutritionally-mindful and fit lifestyle.
Over the years, there have been scores of trends and fads across the globe within the fitness industry. There are several key trends that have emerged in recent years backed by the growing exercise science and fitness research community:

  • EVOLVING MEMBER DYNAMIC – Fitness demand for all ages – Kids, Adults, Elderly
  • WIDENING PRODUCT DEMAND – Health / Wellness Advisory Services, Nutritional Coaching, Group Training Classes, Holistic Therapy
  • NUANCED TRAINING STYLES – Demand for specific Fitness offerings (Zumba, Circuit Training, Bootcamps, etc.)
  • RISING OBESITY LEVELS – 34.9% of American adults are obese and 68.6% are obese or overweight. 16.9% of children in the U.S. are obese and 31.8% are either obese or overweight. (Source:

Large, “Big Box,” open-platform gyms are a declining entity. As a business, they are expensive to operate and not cost-effective. Customers across the globe are demanding a wider range of highly-specified styles of training. Fitness customers have grown more educated as to what sort of training philosophies and practices will yield the desired benefits.

F45 Training franchises have a unique position within a highly competitive, selective marketplace. Our Circuit Training philosophy centers around a style of training that has been scientifically proven to best target weight-loss and promote lean-muscle growth. Additionally, the variation within our daily, rotating workouts addresses the different needs of a range of fitness customers.

F45 Training’s multi-faceted approach to Fitness Training is an ideal that has propelled us forward to be the fastest growing Fitness franchise in the world.