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F45 Training’s ever-changing, bare-bones, high-energy circuit training workouts have become an export symbolic of everything Australians are known for. Our training pushes members towards the physiques of our Australian athletes and countrymen; lean-muscled, athleticism born of functional training in the water, on the sand and throughout the reaches of our Outback.

Fueled by our clients’ transformations, the growth of F45 has been rapid and substantial – F45 Training franchises are now operating in 19 different countries with 6 Global Offices around the world. With locations existing and opening in the United Kingdom, India, Dubai, Cayman Islands and now the USA, the F45 Training systems forged in Australia are now being readily embraced internationally.

Locations in 21 different countries (expansion ongoing)

F45 Training is an internationally recognized brand

Our franchise reach is a testament to our commitment to Training excellence